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The northern-most of the Rincon beaches is Mussel Shoals, an ungated community with 28 beachfront homes, a classic beachfront hotel and restaurant (the Cliff House) and numerous non-beachfront homes.

There is a privately owned pier and man-made island right off the beach at Mussel Shoals known as "Rincon Island." Rincon Island is used to service the nearby offshore oil platforms and also houses an active oil well. The pier is private property and is not accessible to the public.

Of all the beach communities along the Rincon, Mussel Shoals has the best beach, as dry sand can generally only be found in front of the homes at Mussel Shoals during the summer and fall.

Also visit the following other Rincon beach communities:

        Solimar Beach Colony

        Pacific Coast Highway

        Faria Beach Colony

        Seacliff Beach Colony
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